PHILADELPHIA, April 27, 2009 – State Sen. Anthony H. Williams will host a town hall meeting on Wednesday, May 6 at 6 p.m. at the Yeadon Borough Hall, Church Lane and Baily Road, to clarify how the federal stimulus package is impacting residents locally and the Commonwealth as a whole.

“A deluge of calls from constituents hit my offices, both in Philadelphia and Delaware County. People still aren’t clear on what all this really means and they want to know – and rightfully so,” Williams said. “This is a complex issue meant to help wade through complicated times. As an elected official, it is my job to help simplify and explain what all of this means to real people, in accessible ways.”

Williams is partnering with the governor’s office, fellow legislator Rep. Ronald G. Waters and community organizations such as Fresh Start, Group Workcamps Foundation and the Delaware County Office of Services for the Aging (COSA). Williams will also offer a second meeting at Sayre High School in West Philadelphia for his Philadelphia constituents.

Representatives from the governor’s office will deliver a formal presentation covering aspects of the federal stimulus package and how it interweaves with the Pennsylvania budget, a work in process for lawmakers in Harrisburg. The format also included a Q&A and an open forum to address other community concerns.

“Information is one of the greatest things we can offer people right now, as they are trying to navigate what this maneuvering will mean for their household budget, for employment opportunities, for survival as we all weather this recession,” Williams said. “If anyone has questions about what is happening and why, I encourage them to come and get a fuller understanding. Don’t wait for your neighbor to get and interpret the information for you. Get it for yourself.”

For additional details, contact the office of state Sen. Anthony H. Williams at (215) 492-2980.

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