HARRISBURG, June 19, 2013 – State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams, Democratic whip and member of the Senate Education Committee, issued the following statement tonight following Gov. Tom Corbett’s public proposals about addressing the funding crisis of the School District of Philadelphia:

“We’re glad the governor’s at the table and talking about a $100 million infusion to help solve the fiscal problems of the School District of Philadelphia. Though appreciated, the suggestions seem to rely on Philadelphia County solving 100 percent of the problems.

“Yes, we support a delinquent tax collection provision, evidenced by the package of bills that sit in the Senate – notably state Rep. Cherelle Parker’s legislation – that address this very issue. And, we are willing to direct tax dollars to education; we’ve raised property taxes, closed buildings, and today await permission for additional designated cigarette and liquor levies. Hopefully, the governor’s statement means he recognizes this and will help us move these bills forward.

“But union concessions are part of a negotiated process, one that will not be resolved in the next 10 days – when this budget is due to pass. It may be fair to ask all invested in the school district – from parents to students to professionals – to do what they can to help remedy this problem, but to hold this action as a required stipulation is simply unfair.

“We’re looking to the state for help, as are other distressed districts across the commonwealth, without conditions. That’s what families in Philadelphia expect.”


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