PHILADELPHIA, June 16, 2014 — With the Pennsylvania General Assembly moving forward on legislation to legalize medical cannabis, state Sen. Anthony H. Williams held a forum on Saturday, June 14, at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law, to discuss the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana in Pennsylvania.

[frame align=”right”]MarijuanaDebate_June14_2014[/frame]Williams said his conversation consider how potential revenue from a tax on legal marijuana would help Pennsylvania increase its investments in education and impact the state’s pension problem. Plus, legalizing and taxing marijuana could provide a multi-million dollar recurring revenue source that our state could tap into for years to come.

The following officials from business, education, government, religion, and medicine are scheduled to participate in the forum, including:

  • Derek Rosenzweig, Philly NORML and co-founder of Pennsylvanians for Medical Marijuana
  • Yesha Ministries Bishop J. Darrell Robinson
  • George Forsythe, former Maryland State Policeman and a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, or LEAP
  • Philadelphia City Councilman Jim Kenney
  • Dr. Jahan Marcu, Americans for Safe Access Multidisciplinary Scientific Advisory Board and the 2012 “Cannabis Researcher of the Year”
  • Kirsten Heine, Assistant Philadelphia District Attorney
  • Capt. Thomas Davidson, Philly Police Department’s Narcotics Field Unit
  • Rachelle Yeung, Esq., Marijuana Policy Project
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