Philadelphia, Oct. 11, 2011— State Sen. Anthony H. Williams issued the following statement on the governor’s recently unveiled school reform proposals:

“As a public servant, focusing on the quality of life for my constituents is a key charge – which is why education has remained a top priority. Few public investments have as lasting effect as creating pathways for a well-educated populace. That’s why I’m pleased to support the governor’s recently unveiled school reform proposals.

“Given the great tumult his past budget cuts caused in our public education systems, particularly among our most vulnerable ones across the Commonwealth, I had grown quite concerned about the direction and impact of his education agenda. And I’ve not been shy about challenging its inequities.

“However, as it relates to his outlook on updating the EITC program, charter school governance, opportunity scholarships and the teacher evaluation process, the governor and I are in alignment on how to move forward. His comprehensive legislative package incorporates a litany of shared concepts that will strengthen accountability as well as expand avenues to quality education for Pennsylvania’s families.

“The governor and I continue to engage in conversation about the future of education in Pennsylvania, a clear passion of mine. There has been agreement in some areas, dispute in others, and I expect this will remain true. But I also expect and strongly urge my colleagues, in both chambers and from both sides of the aisle, to fairly review and advance these proposed reforms, as they fall in line with our overarching goal of delivering more opportunities for equitable educational outcomes for all our children, regardless of their zip code.

“With new competition arising daily in this ever-widening global marketplace, we can afford to do no less for our children and our future.”