HARRISBURG, Oct. 2, 2012 — State Sen. Anthony H. Williams (D-Phila./Delaware) issued the following statement on today’s Commonwealth Court ruling on Pennsylvania voter ID law:

“Today’s ruling constitutes a victory for the people of Pennsylvania, of every age, every gender, every ethnicity, and every political persuasion.

“While we all are committed to maintaining the integrity of the vote, one of our most precious rights, I and others remain convinced that the manner in which Act 18 was enacted and implemented skewed more toward a partisan intent rather than an empowering one. This ruling helps to correct the dire imbalances and burdens Act 18 would have caused in November, as anecdotal and empirical studies such as the Reeves Report demonstrated.

“Now, thankfully, at least the fall elections will continue largely uninterrupted. And Pennsylvanians will be allowed to freely play their due role in this critical presidential election, as well as in a host of down ballot races — from attorney general to state representative.

“Our work to properly educate all of Pennsylvania’s voters on their rights, as it relates to this election as well as future elections, remains. I know I will be working overtime along with my colleagues here and across my district to do just that, helping to ensure a robust turnout and reflection of our American spirit.”

Editor’s Note: Sen. Williams is available today for comment on the Commonwealth Court ruling. Members of the media may contact Nia Meeks at 215-266-6471 or nmeeks@bgconnex.com