PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 18, 2012 — State Sen. Anthony H. Williams today issued the following statement on the state Supreme Court’s ruling on the voter ID law:

“This ruling amounts to a victory today. By its own admission, the state cannot demonstrate that all the people who don’t have voter ID will have it by Election Day. There’s not enough staff, not enough materials, and they still haven’t reached all the people this would affect. Because there’s not enough time.

“If the lower court follows the letter of the state Supreme Court’s ruling, at a minimum there should be a stay of this law, if not an overturning of it.

“Clearly, the facts speak for themselves. There is anecdotal and empirical evidence showing this law will be an undue burden on law-abiding citizens who, up until now, had full, unencumbered access to the ballot box. To overlook these obvious realities would further prove that politics – not disruption of alleged fraud – is what’s driving this.”

Williams has been a vocal opponent of the controversial voter ID law, which requires all voters to present a valid form of photo ID in order to vote.

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