HARRISBURG, Aug. 9, 2012 — State Sen. Anthony H. Williams and members of the Senate Democratic Caucus have filed an amicus brief in Commonwealth Court supporting the request for an injunction to halt Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law (Act 18 of 2012).

This “friend of the court” brief was filed to show support for the various individuals and organizations that are fighting to strike down the law, which they say disenfranchises a significant number of registered voters in Pennsylvania.

“This case is about protecting the rights of American citizens, rights that the voter ID law would wantonly strip, in a brazenly admitted partisan pursuit,” said Williams (D-Phila./Delaware). “It’s  unconscionable  that of all those who stand to be adversely impacted by this law — young people, women, people of color, LGBT neighbors, our greatest generation, those who shed blood at home and abroad to secure our right to vote — would be among the disenfranchised.”

A court decision is expected by next week. Should the Commonwealth Court uphold the law, Williams said the petitioners will appeal the decision to the state Supreme Court.

“Our team is furiously analyzing data that would further underscore, beyond mere principle, that this law should not stand as is,” Williams said. “It is fundamentally un-American, and I remain ashamed that Pennsylvania, which gave birth to the ideals of American democracy, is a lead architect of its undoing.”

Williams serves as Senate Democratic Whip.