PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 13, 2013 — State Sen. Anthony H. Williams will host a community meeting, in which he will announce his new “Violence Reduction Initiative,” on Thursday, Feb. 21 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Add B. Anderson Elementary School, located at 1034 S. 60th St. in Philadelphia.

“Violence is a complex epidemic that requires many solutions. We can’t just focus on getting guns off the streets — although that’s a crucial element. We need to help foster better family and community dynamics. We need to present educational and career placement opportunities. We need to offer a helping hand to those who truly need it,” said Williams (D-Phila./Delaware). “I invite the community to join me in an important discussion on reducing violence in our neighborhoods and the many beneficial services that are available to the public.”

Participants will learn more about G.E.D. opportunities for youths and adults, computer training, employment assistance, addiction services, public safety, family guidance and resources, recreation programs and reentry programs.

This is the first of an ongoing effort by Williams and his staff to focus on the various ways to reduce violence in our communities, with a specific focus on disaffected populations with limited education.

Academics like noted criminologist Robert Agnew have long pointed to the correlation between limited academic achievement and heightened crime and violence in neighborhoods.

“We’re here to address the needs of those individuals who are most likely to engage in violent acts and give them the skills and support they need to focus on improving their lives,” Williams said. “This community meeting is going to be part of a larger effort to delve deeper into the epidemic of violence on our streets and take a more proactive approach to provide support to those who truly need it.”

For more information, contact Don Cave at 215-492-2980.