HARRISBURG, May 24, 2012 — As a legal challenge to Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law continues, state Sen. Anthony H. Williams said today that he is closely monitoring the latest development, in which Republicans are attempting to block efforts for an expedited proceeding.

Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law will require voters to present a valid form of photo ID every time they cast a vote, starting with this November’s General Election. In response, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a motion for a temporary injunction to prohibit the implementation of the new law. The ACLU has also issued a request for an expedited legal process, which would ensure that the lawsuit has a chance to progress before the November election.

In turn, state Rep. Thomas Killion (R-Chester), other Republicans and “constituents” who support the voter ID law have filed a motion to block the ACLU’s request for an expedited legal process. A pre-trial hearing was held today and a trial date is scheduled to start July 25.

Williams, an outspoken critic of the voter ID law and fervent supporter of individuals whose voting rights would be suppressed under this law, said he is pleased that the ACLU lawsuit will get its day in court in a timely manner.

“Without question, the hastily implemented, poorly designed and possibly civically destructive voter ID law that was enacted needs to be challenged for many reasons – chiefly in that it exists to impinge upon a central tenet of our democracy,” Williams said. “As advocates for freedom, Americans bravely go abroad to institute free and fair elections. Yet, we’re insisting on selectively infringing that fundamental right here at home.  And that Pennsylvania rushed to join this partisan boondoggle, given Philadelphia’s historic role in establishing our nation, including the credo of one-man-one-vote, is sickening.”

Williams said he will continue to follow the progress of the lawsuit and speak out against the voter ID law.