For nearly a decade, the Ivan “Pick” Brown Memorial Foundation has helped to enhance life and living for young people in Southwest Philadelphia and across the 8th District

PHILADELPHIA, October 15, 2012 – State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams has long praised the work of the Ivan “Pick” Brown Memorial Foundation Inc. – and now other influential voices are sharing his commendation and appreciation.

The Southwest Philadelphia organization recently received a $1,000 grant from the Henrietta Tower Wurts Memorial to support its monthly community-based service events. R. Andrew Swinney, president of The Philadelphia Foundation, which administers the Henrietta Tower Wurts Memorial, announced the award among its annual selections.

“When people band together to impact their communities, change happens. When people can and do turn tragedy into triumph, you have a story like the Pick Brown Memorial Foundation,” Williams said. “What they’ve managed to do is not only a testament to Pick, but also to all who work so diligently to cultivate a spirit of positivity and belief in what our children can do, given the opportunity.”

Family and friends established the foundation in honor of local high school and college basketball standout Ivan “Pick” Brown, who fell victim to violent crime in 2004. Based at 1205 S. Wilton St., the foundation continues Pick’s mission of helping young people succeed, through mentoring, promoting physical fitness and character building.

Its monthly events serve some 1,000 students and adults. Featured activities include educational programs, youth summits, clothing distribution, community holiday-themed parties, college tours, scholarships for college-bound freshmen and more. The summertime Ivan “Pick” Brown Fun Day offers a basketball tournament for all ages, free food, beverages, pony rides, face painting and even more to the 300 or so who attend annually.

Ronald C. Brown Sr., C.E.O. of the foundation, said the grant would be used to enhance the foundation’s ability to act more independently and to support other general program needs. It serves as a boost to the usual small-dollar donations received.

“The Ivan ‘Pick’ Brown Memorial Foundation is elated to be able to accomplish our own project,” Brown said. “We look at this grant for what it is – an investment, in our mission and our future.”

Williams said it is a source of inspiration to have constituents who are so dedicated to their neighbors and their quality of life in the 8th District.

“Pick would be beyond proud to see the good works that are being advanced in his name,” Williams said. “Thugs and senseless violence may have stolen his life, but not his legacy. He still enriches us every day.”

For details, contact Ronald C. Brown at (215) 729-2531 or