Harrisburg, October 23, 2012 – A funding package of more than $234,000 aimed at addressing soil erosion and sedimentation flow into Darby Creek in Collingdale Borough was approved by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST), state Sen. Anthony Williams said today.

Williams (D-Philadelphia/Delaware) said that the project includes financing for the planting of more than 300 trees in Collingdale, and was proud to help advocate for it.

“Using a simple approach like planting trees in strategic locations in the borough will have a wonderful, long-lasting and environmentally-pleasing benefit,” Williams said. “It’s not complicated. Controlling sedimentation and erosion flow into watersheds is exceptionally helpful to the environment.”

The project is being completed through the auspices of the Delaware Regional Planning Commission.

The project financing includes a loan of $212,310 with an interest rate of 1 percent.

“The finance rate, in conjunction with the obvious environmental benefits and quality of life improvements that will result after the trees are planted, makes this an exceptionally cost-effective stormwater management project,” Williams said. “It’s an example of what government can and is doing well.”

PENNVEST provides low-cost financial help to fund important water quality projects throughout Pennsylvania. The authority assists communities and businesses by providing grants and loans to finance the construction of safe drinking water infrastructure.

Williams, a longtime proponent of environmental and conservation issues, serves as Democratic whip in the state Senate.