HARRISBURG, July 2, 2012—State Sen. Anthony H. Williams issued the following statement today regarding the pending Sunoco deal with the Carlyle Group:

“I cannot express how excited and pleased I was to learn that Sunoco reached agreement with the Carlyle Group, with the tangible effect of not only saving scores of jobs, but also growing countless others and deepening the roots of the energy industry here in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

“The initial news of the shuttering of this Sunoco facility was devastating for many constituents in my district, some of whom were legacy employees. With this deal, there exists the real opportunity to not only secure those same types of positions, but to broaden the diversity of the workforce at the facility, from high school student trainees to those holding terminal degrees.

“What this amounts to for our area is a new crop of jobs in an emerging sector, with the added benefit of attracting other industries, on the promise of lower energy costs. And everyone in our area – from residents to mom-and-pop shops to start-ups to corporate titans – welcomes that news. It’s a good day.”