“This budget reinforces the reality of a paradigm shift in Harrisburg, where ideology trumps policy. Most of the proposals we heard in the governor’s budget proposal today are the guiding principles of this administration.”

“The governor said he will not raise taxes to fund education or social service programs. There are no Democrats talking about raising taxes, but we are talking about spending priorities.”

“The governor insists that we will not spend more than we have, but how you spend demonstrates your priorities. The governor argues that “Every dollar less spent by government is a dollar spent in an area of prosperity,” but what promotes more prosperity than education?”

“Gov. Corbett asserted that 70 percent of the state’s budget goes to fund education and social services, and that cuts to education funding in last year’s budget are an urban legend. This is about reality; one that could have a dramatic outcome for urban districts, such as Philadelphia and Chester-Upland, but especially for rural school districts that are also operating on the margins and whose communities have limited school options.”

“Time will test what Pennsylvanians really want.”