Philadelphia, Pa. − May 15, 2019 − Today, Senator Anthony H. Williams applauded the decision of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) to refuse to renew the license of the “Stop-N-Go” located at 5747 Christian Street in Philadelphia.

“I commend the PLCB for its commitment to enforcing existing regulations,” Senator Williams said. “Philadelphia residents have long asked for more help from state and local officials in bringing greater accountability to these nuisance establishments and I am proud to be working toward a solution.”

Senator Williams invited PLCB, and others, to personally tour this establishment in October 2018 to highlight the various violations present in many “Stop-N-Go” businesses across Philadelphia. Quality of life issues are prevalent, including public intoxication, illegal drug activity, and disorderly conduct. Senator Williams has worked with state and local officials to increase enforcement and curb the blatant disregard exhibited by some business owners for the health and safety of the community.

“All Philadelphians want a robust business community,” Senator Williams said. “However, we want the business community to be part of the entire community. There must exist a genuine partnership between business owners and their neighbors. When these establishments fail to follow basic regulations, public officials must step in to enforce the laws on the books.”

This is the first “Stop-N-Go” shut down as a result of the Senator’s tour in October 2018.

The PLCB regulates the manufacture, importation, sale, distribution and disposition of liquor, alcohol, and malt or brewed beverages in the commonwealth.