HARRISBURG – June 27, 2024 – This week, Sen. Anthony Williams’ bill, SB1031, passed through the Senate during an afternoon session. Sen. Anthony Williams has spearheaded the effort to eliminate excessive and burdensome licensing requirements for natural hair braiding.

The bill aims to eliminate the license requirement that requires natural hair braiders to complete 300 hours of instruction at a cosmetology school before being examined and licensed. This legislation seeks to alleviate the burden on small business owners by eliminating costly regulations while ensuring examination and consumer safety benefits through licensure.

“Recognizing the cultural, historical, racial, and geographic significance of this tradition, I am determined to remove unnecessary barriers that prevent many residents from engaging in natural hair braiding,” said Sen. Anthony Williams. “By removing these unnecessary barriers, we support entrepreneurship and foster economic growth within the natural hair braiding industry.”

Pennsylvania has the opportunity to take a step towards inclusivity, supporting cultural practices, and creating economic opportunities associated with natural hair braiding. Sen. Anthony Williams will ensure that the voices of those affected are heard and acted upon.