PHILADELPHIA, DEC 14, 2010 — Citing the critical need for a bipartisan effort in the next legislative session, Governor-elect Corbett has selected State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams (D) 8th, to serve on his transition team. Williams, who was recently elected as Democratic caucus chair, will be the only Democratic senator on the transition team that consists of 17 transition committees. “Senator Williams’ presence on the transition team is a great first step in ensuring that we set the tone for bipartisanship and begin to resolve the major issues that face our Commonwealth,” said Corbett.

The committees will examine the 25 departments and agencies in state government. The committee on which Senator Williams serves is charged with examining the Department of Education. Transition team members include business leaders, former legislators, lobbyists and former officials from the Ridge administration.

“I share Senator Williams’ core values of fiscal responsibility and accountability to the taxpayers.” said Corbett. “These values have allowed him to consistently reach across the aisle to get things done and make him a natural selection for my transition team. He has worked closely with Senator Piccola (R) 15th and Senator Dinniman (D) 19th to develop the proposed Opportunity Scholarship Act which I support.”

Williams has become the legislature’s leading advocate for school choice and school reform which have been seen as largely Republican issues. He has also challenged the PSEA and the NAACP, both staunch supporters of the Democratic Party, for their opposition to school choice.
“I am looking forward to working with Governor-elect Corbett and his transition team,” said Williams. “Our efforts will establish the agenda that will create jobs, foster business growth and ensure that every child in Pennsylvania has the opportunity to receive a quality education.”

The transition will be overseen by co-directors Tom Paese, a former Cabinet member under Republican Gov. Tom Ridge, and Leslie Gromis-Baker, director of Ridge’s 1998 campaign.

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