Philadelphia, Pa. − March 30, 2020 −  Senator Anthony H. Williams today announced plans to introduce legislation that would allow Pennsylvanians to voluntarily return their federal stimulus money. Returned funds would create a Pennsylvania Common Wealth account, providing funds for assistance programs.

“While many working Pennsylvanians are suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, facing lost hours or even complete unemployment, others who find themselves in more fortunate circumstances have expressed a desire to help their fellow citizens by either donating to a local charity or patronizing local businesses,” wrote Senator Williams in a memo to his colleagues.

“By establishing the “Pennsylvania Common Wealth” restricted account, taxpayers could redirect all or a portion of their stimulus check to the state, which in turn would be authorized to direct those funds into programs which help the neediest Pennsylvanians – property tax & rent rebates, temporary assistance for needy families, CHIP or medical assistance,” he continued.

In past times of plenty, similar proposals have been made to accept additional voluntary tax revenues for high-income earners who believe their tax burdens to be too low.

“In times of crisis like this, it is my hope that such a fund would inspire Pennsylvanians to consider those who are not able to weather an economic shock like that which we are all facing,” said Williams.

Senator Williams is seeking cosponsors and will introduce the legislation shorty.