HARRISBURGMay 29, 2024 – Today, State Senator Anthony H. Williams and the Stop and Go Task Force members conducted a meeting and tour of local stop-and-go establishments.

“My goal in organizing this highly productive Stop-and-Go Task Force meeting and tour was to address concerns and gather valuable information about the operations of local stop-and-go establishments,” said Senator Williams.

The Stop and Go Task Force aims to enhance community safety, ensure regulation compliance, and promote responsible business practices. Sen. Williams and other task force members engaged with local stakeholders, owners, and operators during the meeting and tours to gather first-hand information regarding the operations and potential issues.

The task force emphasized the importance of community involvement and collaboration in addressing any concerns raised. The insights gathered during the tour will be carefully analyzed to determine appropriate actions and reforms, if necessary. The Stop and Go Task Force remains dedicated to a safer and more accountable environment for businesses and residents.