PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 16, 2013 — State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams responded today to the decision by Gov. Tom Corbett to release $45 million for the School District of Philadelphia:

“It’s heartening to hear that the governor, no matter his reasons, finally has released the $45 million allocation engineered by U.S. Rep. Bob Brady. This is money that came through a federal settlement and was, essentially, a bonus to the state. That fairly simple, revenue-neutral decision turned into a hold-up that led to months of unnecessary uncertainty, distrust and disruption for teachers, administrators, support staff, parents, and, most importantly, our students.

“It’s been painfully obvious the effects of devastating cuts and wobbly finances have had on our schools and our city. We continue to feel it and read about it in local and national publications. While the district is far from resolving its financial crisis, and there is still other financial and structural work to be done, at least these dollars will help alleviate some of the pain this crushing debt is causing.”


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