HARRISBURG, Oct. 23, 2015 — With state budget negotiators continuing their unwillingness to stay at the table until a 2015-2016 fiscal blueprint is adopted, Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams today said he will support his caucus’ call for all lawmakers to remain in Harrisburg until a deal is finalized.

“No budget; no break,” Williams said as he underscored the social media slogan that will be used to pressure Republicans to negotiate. “If all of us are in Harrisburg, the opportunity to reach a deal improves.

“Our schools are threatening to close or seek legal action against the commonwealth because we don’t have a budget. Human service agencies are on the brink of stopping programs that help people in the shadows of life because we don’t have a budget. And credit rating agencies are rightly turning the other direction because it doesn’t appear that negotiators are acting in good faith to come to terms on a budget.

“We were told by Senate Republican leadership to go home this summer and we are now being told to go home this fall – when there is critical work to get done,” Sen. Williams said. “When lives are at stake, we cannot take a break.”

Williams said he will join with fellow Democratic senators and vote against any motion to adjourn until after the November election.

“The only acceptable response to this growing crisis is to stay here. If that means all of us, then all of us will be getting to know Harrisburg better until our next state budget is adopted,” Sen. Williams said.



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