HARRISBURG, May 14, 2013 – The unanimous approval of a bill that would prevent schools and school districts from “passing” sexual predators from job to job ahead of any criminal investigation has that proposal’s sponsor, state Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams, applauding.

“I’m excited to see this commonsense piece of legislation embraced by both sides of the aisle as we steer toward a full vote in the Senate,” Williams (D-Philadelphia/Delaware) said. “It’s on to the state House for Senate Bill 46 and, ultimately, to the governor’s desk.

“Clearly, the voices of countless survivors and children’s safety advocates are helping to propel momentum toward passage. For them, and the untold numbers of children and educators who would be protected by this bill, it is my hope that this is the year Pennsylvania will finally stop ‘passing the trash’,” Williams said.

Senate Bill 46, the Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct and Exploitation, or SESAME Act, would close a loophole that has allowed districts to hire school employees with a history of investigations and dismissals for abuse or sexual misconduct. A full Senate vote on the measure is expected shortly.

Additional background on the bill can be found here.


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