Harrisburg – May 28, 2020 – Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams (D – Philadelphia/Delaware) made remarks during last night’s livestream of Senate session to his colleagues and all present on the tragic death of George Floyd.

Video of Floyd, who is black, being forcibly held down by a white police officer in Minneapolis shows Floyd saying that he cannot breathe, and he eventually loses consciousness as the officer refuses to take his knee off Floyds neck. Floyd was taken to a hospital after the incident where he died.

“What occurred with George Floyd should never occur again,” Williams said.

Williams put George Floyd as his Zoom background for all of Senate session last night to honor Floyd.

Williams said that the majority of those in law enforcement do not condone the action of the officers in this video, but that there are too many in law enforcement who do not respect the law and take advantage of it and that they are a stain on this nation. 

He said that he worries about his grandson and how he will be viewed in the world because of the color of his skin and because he is autistic. Parents and grandparents should not have to face these fears just because of the color of their children’s skin.

“I am tired of accepting this as the norm, it is not,” Williams said.

Williams said that what happened to George Floyd is a pattern nationally, and he hopes that before something tragic like this incident happens in Pennsylvania, the leaders of Pennsylvania speak out and say that this type of action will not be tolerated here.