Philadelphia, PA − November 17, 2020 − Sen. Anthony H. Williams released the following statement on $100 Million University of Pennsylvania Contribution to Philly Public Schools:

I am so elated that the University of Pennsylvania, our longtime neighbor here in West Philly, has pledged $100 million to the School District of Philadelphia.

This investment in our community and in our children that will be distributed over the next 10 years will build on the foundation of the community of West Philadelphia and this city as a whole.

As we face this pandemic with no end in sight and systemic racism continuing to be revealed in a divided nation, there comes a hero from an institution grounded in Quaker values. This act by the University of Pennsylvania is a stunning and awe-inspiring game changer.

This investment in our schools to remediate the lethal presence of asbestos and other harmful environmental hazards that our school aged children, teachers, and staff will spend years in, will have a deep impact for years to come.

As Penn said when they announced this contribution, “When Philadelphia’s schools and school children succeed, all Philadelphia succeeds.” They are correct.

When the children of Philadelphia have safe schools, they focus on the learning that will guide their futures. When teachers and staff feel safe in their school buildings, they stay in those schools for years building safe supportive spaces of learning and guidance for generations.

Thank you to University of Pennsylvania and President Amy Gutmann. This is how we show that Philly is truly the city of brotherly love, and this is how we show that we value every resident of our city.