Philly Family Prays For Vouchers:

13-Year-Old Stuck In ‘Failing School,’ Family Says

PHILADELPHIA – Pennsylvania’s governor is making a big push for school vouchers.

Gov. Tom Corbett believes they’ll give lower-income children a way to escape failing schools, for the choice of a better one.

But critics say it will simply take money from schools that need it the most.

While lawmakers debate the issue in Harrisburg, Fox 29’s Karen Hepp talked with one North Philadelphia family that says they just wish the choice was in their hands.

Lukious White, 13, is an honor-roll student stuck in a “failing school,” Birney Elementary, according to his father, Lorenzo White Sr., who is a member of the Black Alliance For Educational Options.

Lukious is in seventh grade, honors English and is a star athlete but thanks only to the force of his strong family. They say they are determined to find a way out for him to something better, Hepp reported.