HARRISBURG, March 31, 2015 — Even though Indiana’s top executive has promised to “fix” the controversial law that has drawn rebuke from Fortune 500 companies and equal rights advocates, state Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams today said he will propose a bill in the near future that would ban state-funded travel to Indiana if the legislative remedy is not sufficient.

Sen. Williams said the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” is a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

“This law authorizes private businesses to discriminate in order to freely exercise religion. Meanwhile as one group practices religion, many other groups are discriminated against legally,” Williams said in his Senate co-sponsorship memorandum. “This new law is entirely reprehensible because discrimination cannot be legalized within this country.”

Williams said he would move to ban state-funded travel to Indiana if Gov. Mike Pence fails to spearhead an appropriate correction to the new and bad law.

“Pennsylvania must unite and express our outrage against this law,” Williams said.


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