HARRISBURG, March 15, 2016 — The resignation of one of Pennsylvania’s embattled Supreme Court justices today does not mean the “case is closed,” state Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams said.

Sen. Williams led the charge to expose the pornographic, racist and misogynistic emails of PA Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin.

“Justice Eakin’s resignation is an unfortunate consequence of his actions,” Williams said. “However, his case has highlighted larger issues surrounding the lack of transparency and accountability of our state’s top legal professionals. While we can be grateful this sordid chapter has closed, we cannot stop working. We must intensify our efforts to improve the oversight of our court system and to ensure the fairness of all judicial decisions moving forward.

“Judicial Conduct Board Chief Counsel Robert Graci and others have used their influence to undermine our justices and our courts. Plaintiffs and defendants have not had a fair day in court because the Eakin saga has proven that justice, at least for some, is not blind.”

Sen. Williams first called for Justice Eakin’s resignation during an Oct. 27, 2015, Capitol press conference. In November, he called for the removal of First Deputy PA Attorney General Bruce Beemer, PA Judicial Conduct Board Chief Counsel Robert Graci, and PA Supreme Court Special Counsel Robert Byer for their roles in the cover-up.

The Judicial Conduct Board announced formal charges against Eakin Dec. 8.


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