HARRISBURG, Oct. 22, 2013 — State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams said today he is optimistic his bill to stop school districts from passing educators who have been suspected of sexual misconduct to other districts. Here is his statement:

“I simply couldn’t be more pleased that Senate Bill 46 passed unanimously through the state House Education Committee. Today’s action shows the collective resolve to ensure the greatest protections we can offer our children and families from school-based predators, as well as hard-working educators and support staff whose reputations also often are tainted when a colleague’s actions turn hideously criminal.

“While we await a full vote from the state House, I’m heartened at the chances of this bill becoming law. This is the closest we’ve come to passage, and we’re closing in on the final steps we need to take to put this bill before the governor for his signature, and to end ‘passing the trash’ once and for all in this state.”


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