Made possible by grants from 3 Philadelphia legislators

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 23 – State Reps. Babette Josephs and Kenyatta Johnson and Sen. Anthony H. Williams, all D-Phila., announce the opening of a new farmers’ market in Grays Ferry.

The Grays Ferry Farmers’ Market will open Tuesday, Aug. 31 and run from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. each Tuesday in Peace Plaza on Wharton Street between 29th and Hollywood.

The newest farmers’ market in the city, made possible through state grants obtained by Josephs, Johnson and Williams, will be run by the Food Trust and will feature locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

“Philadelphia is one of farming’s biggest customers, yet urban residents often have difficulty finding easy access to fresh, nutritious local foods. This new farmers’ market addresses that problem while also helping local farmers sell their crops,” said Josephs, who serves on the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee.

Both Williams and Johnson agreed that the new farmers’ market will make healthy food more accessible.

“In order to fight against obesity, it’s important to reverse the ailing geographical landscape and make healthy food establishments easily accessible,” Johnson said. “I am proud to support programs that help promote healthy lifestyles to our youth, and the community as a whole.”

“I am grateful that this market will provide fresh fruits and vegetables to our community, which suffers disproportionately from chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity,” Williams said. “For far too long, fast food and unhealthy snacks have been the primary staples of the diets of most inner-city residents mostly due to the lack of availability of healthy choices. Having access to fresh produce at the Grays Ferry Farmers Market will help to promote healthier lifestyles, give students the healthy nourishment they need to stay focused and achieve in school, and reduce the incidence of chronic illness in this community.”

The market will accept Farmers Market Nutrition Program vouchers given to seniors and WIC recipients, as well as Access cards and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, also known as food stamps. For every $5 spent with food stamps, customers will receive an additional $2 in Food Bucks to be spent on fruits and vegetables at the market. Food Bucks are part of the city-wide Get Healthy Philly campaign, a project of the Philadelphia Public Health Department.

The Grays Ferry market is expected to operate through October.