My View: Pass Senate Bill One Now:

Fox 29 General manager Patrick Paolini voices his opinion on Senate Bill One,  the charter school initiative.

Here is the text of Paolini’s editorial:

I want you to meet Lukius White – a student in the 7th grade at Birney Middle School.

Lukius needs the Pennsylvania legislature to pass Senate Bill One. H deserves the opportunity and choice to leave this failing school.

Senate Bill One – the school voucher bill – gives him that lifeline to succeed.

Here some facts about Senate Bill One:

It allows certain low income families that are forced to attend persistently failing schools apply for vouchers to pay tuition at private or parochial schools.

It will not force district to raise taxes.

It will not add to the state’s debt – the bill does not borrow money.

It will not reduce per pupil public funding for local schools.

It will allow students trapped in dangerous failing schools a chance to learn and be successful.

Supporters of SB-1 are up against powerful forces. Unions are spending millions of dollars to defeat this bill.

Opponents have been able to preserve a system that spends more money on fewer students with little to no change in results.

What other business pays you more money to keep failing?

I believe Senate Bill One will give parents power and choice to take control of their children’s education.

A senate committee passed the bill but it has yet to be taken up by the full Senate or the House.

I urge lawmakers to pass the legislation.

Do it for the thousands of students like Lukius who deserve a chance to succeed.

SB-1 is not a perfect fill nor will it fix our failing school system but I agree with the overwhelming majority of parents who support the bill and say it is a good start to long-overdue reform.