PHILADELPHIA, May 4, 2015 — More than 20 senior women, in the spirit of Mother’s Day, received a free “Glam Mom Makeover” May 1, courtesy of Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams, Empire Beauty School, and Keystone VIP Choice.

The annual event has become something that Delaware County residents of the 8th Senatorial District look forward to doing.

“It is beautiful. It is delightful that we have such a wonderful welcome from Anthony Hardy Williams,” said Esther Booker, a Friendship Circle Senior Center member and someone who was looking forward to receiving “the works.” “I’m getting my nails done. I’m getting makeup. I’m getting my hair done, completely.”

Glam Mom is also a great event for Empire Beauty School students, said one of those pupils: Kortney Kline.

“I love that it’s possible that we can have this,” Kline said. “I love giving back and I love helping people. Having makeup on and getting your hair done adds to your self-esteem.”

Empire Beauty School Salon Director Barbara Caso said Glam Mom is a “wonderful way to honor our women and mothers during Mother’s Day.” And, she said, the free makeovers have become a highly anticipated event.

“It’s something that all of the participants absolutely look forward to. When we found out about the date of the event this year, we had no problem signing anybody up. They were ready to go,” Caso said.

The excitement generated by Glam Mom Makeover Day is something the students enjoy, too, said Empire Beauty’s Assistant Director Kelli Barnes.

“They truly enjoy giving back to the community,” Barnes said. “In times past, guests have never had the opportunity to get their nails done or get their hair done and it’s so eye-opening to the students and they, truly, embody the fact that this is what they truly want to do with their profession.”

Sen. Williams said he appreciates how excited people and students get when it comes to Glam Mom.

“Our moms are very special people who don’t always receive very special treatment every day or even every week,” Sen. Williams said. “It’s always important to help people feel good about themselves and to remind them that they are special.

“Glam Mom is our unique way of saying thank you. No one deserves focused attention and care more than our moms – especially on Mother’s Day,” the senator said.

Women who enjoyed their pampering for a day were invited from senior centers in Delaware County.

“Glam Mom Makeover Day” is sponsored by Empire Beauty School, Keystone VIP Choice, and the office of Sen. Williams.


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