PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 10, 2014 — State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams today voiced his support of a lawsuit by fellow lawmakers and Cease Fire PA to stop Pennsylvania’s new law giving the National Rifle Association open season on community-specific gun laws.

“Philadelphia can be the Wild West when it comes to gun violence. Today’s gun laws have done nothing to change that. Giving the NRA the last-minute legal authority to continue the status quo is an abhorrent solution.

“And, giving them the authority in a meaningful proposal that was designed to give homeowners and businesses protection from theft is unconstitutional.

“The NRA bill should have been a stand-alone proposal. And it should have had a public vetting.

“Sen. Leach and Cease Fire PA are doing the right thing today in stepping up to strike down this bad law. There were 119 shooting victims on Philly in September alone. People’s right to bear arms is doing nothing to curtail this historical trend. Communities that step up to fight the bad guys need the commonwealth’s support. Not the NRA’s opposition.”


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