Resource Guides

Use the links below to download any of these helpful resource guides or contact any one of my offices for a printed guide.

Download guides to public safety resources prepared in partnership with the Philadelphia Police Districts within the 8th Senatorial District

Violence Reduction Initiative 2013

Local resources for grandparents and other kinship caregivers who are raising children. Download Helping Hand Kinship Care Conference guides.

The Pennsylvania Bar Association has issued a newly revised publication, “A Guide to Legal Issues for Pennsylvania Senior Citizens,” which includes important updates on Medicare, Social Security, end of life issues, senior housing and health care options and long term care insurance.

Local resources for military veterans and their families.

You Can Vote! Voting Rights For Ex-Offenders & Those Awaiting Trial

Under Pennsylvania law, felons who have been released from prison, or who will be freed by the time of the election, are eligible to vote.  This is true even for those on probation or parole. Only those felons who are incarcerated are not allowed to vote.  Voting rights are automatically restored upon release from prison.

 Voter Education Resource Guide

The Affordable Care Act

Community Information Shared