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Senator Anthony H. WilliamsHappy New Year!

Each new year brings with it an opportunity to reflect, refocus, and identify our goals for the coming year.

2017 brought turmoil and triumph.  People from all walks of life are increasingly engaging in their communities to bring about positive change.

If we work together, we will achieve the changes we seek: quality education for all, increased opportunity for all, and justice for all.

My best to you and yours as we continue our work toward a better community.

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Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams
8th Senatorial District
Philadelphia/Delaware Counties

Eagles Pep Rally


As some of you may have seen, I can get a little excited when it comes to the Eagles.

I’ve been a fan since the days of Franklin Field.  I bleed green.

Philadelphia is hungry for a Super Bowl championship!  The whole world doubted this team, but the Eagles rise!

Super Bowl Sunday is our time.  E-A-G-L-E-S.  EAGLES!

MLK Day of Service Expungement

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., once said “We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive.  He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love.”

In honor of this year’s MLK Day of Service, my office hosted an Expungement Clinic in Delaware County to help others remove a criminal record from public view.  The past should not hinder a person who has taken the appropriate steps to make things right and is working toward being a productive member of their community.  We, as a society, should seek to forgive the trespasses of others.  As such, I have long worked to ensure that ex-offenders are provided with the necessary tools to move beyond past mistakes. 

It is one of my greatest honors to assist those who may need a helping hand.  It was even more profound to help so many on that day of remembrance.  I offer sincere thanks to those who helped us with the clinic, including Legal Aid of Southeastern PA,  the Chester Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Lt. Gov. Mike Stack, and Rep. Joanna McClinton.


Clean Slate

Last year, I sponsored Senate Bill 529, which would reform the criminal justice system by eliminating hurdles faced by individuals who have a criminal record who apply for work.  This “Clean Slate” legislation allows for the expungement or sealing of the records for minor, non-violent offenses.

This commonsense legislation unanimously passed the Senate, 50-0, but has yet to see a vote in the House.  I need your help to convince the House Judiciary Committee to bring the bill to a vote.  Please be sure to reach out to your state representative and tell them you demand a vote on this important piece of legislation.


criminal reformPennsylvania has the fourth highest number of people under government supervision throughout the United States.  Offenders are subject to lengthy probation sentences that are overly restrictive and a waste of county resources.  I will soon introduce legislation that will update probation policies to reduce the amount of time and resources devoted to individuals who have completed their sentences, which will allow those ex-offenders to fully reintegrate back into society.

This legislation will focus on four priorities:

  1. It will cap the length of probation sentences;
  2. It will limit a judge’s ability to jail parolees and probationers for technical violations that do not threaten public safety;
  3. It will incentivize good behavior and allow judges to reduce probation or parole time; and
  4. It will limit the terms of probation to the original sentence.  The probation clock will not be reset if an individual is jailed for violations that are not new crimes.

We spend far too much surveilling individuals who pose no real danger to their community.  A truly just system rehabilitates those who wish to right past wrongs and reintegrate back into society.

Sexual Harassment

I am proud to join the Women’s Caucus in Harrisburg as legislators from both parties seek to ensure that all Pennsylvanians are guaranteed a safe working environment.  We must create new safeguards against workplace sexual harassment.  I fully support Senator Judy Schwank’s Senate Bill 999, which would prohibit non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) within contracts or out-of-court settlements related to sexual harassment.


Electoral ProcessCongressional Districts

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s recent decision regarding redistricting and the 2010 congressional map was a victory for all of us.  Protecting our democracy is not a partisan issue.  Now that the Supreme Court has spoken on this issue, it is time to address redistricting legislatively to protect the notion that every vote counts.

Stop-n-Go Enforcement

After years of frustration, your voices were heard when we finally passed stricter stop-n-go requirements.  The hard work is already paying off as the Liquor Control Board is rapidly inspecting establishments.  Together, we will put an end to the nuisance establishments that refuse to play by the rules and we will make our neighborhoods safer.  We still need your help identifying establishments.  Report any illegal stop-n-gos via e-mail to

Environmental Challengestree

Despite what our President may say, the impact of global climate change is real.  In the absence of leadership from the federal government, we all must do our part to protect our plant for future generations.  I am co-sponsoring Senate Bill 15, which will instruct the Department of Environmental Protection to continue its work on the Clean Power Plan and submit it to the General Assembly for review and implementation.  We must continue this important work and we must do it now.

Penn Wood High School Football team
Bartram High School Football team
I was honored to welcome the Penn Wood High School Football team (top) and Bartram High School Football team (bottom) to the Capitol in Harrisburg to congratulate them on their successful football seasons. 

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