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Senator Anthony H. WilliamsThe Pennsylvania State Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of this important bill last week. HB 2060 requires the following:

  • People convicted of misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence or subject to final restraining orders must surrender their guns within 24 hours. The court can do so in other cases if it finds it warranted.
  • It eliminates the ability of that abuser to turn their guns over to family or friends.

This bill is an important step in reducing gun violence in Pennsylvania and provides protection to victims of domestic violence.

I was proud to cast my vote and applaud all state legislators who joined together to pass this common sense legislation.

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Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams
8th Senatorial District
Philadelphia/Delaware Counties

Community Partner Spotlight

Senator Anthony H. WilliamsIt was my distinct honor to be recognized by Bartram’s Garden last Thursday at their annual Twilight in the Garden Gala.

Bartram’s Garden is Philadelphia’s hidden gem! Its continued development demonstrates what can be achieved throughout all of Philadelphia regardless of zip code.

Bartram’s Garden also highlights the importance of green spaces in urban settings. Too often, we are told that every inch of urban space must be used for housing or business. Bartram’s Garden shows us what is achievable when passionate owners and operators dedicate themselves to the revival of natural beauty in one of America’s biggest cities. This beautiful green space provides all Philadelphians with a wonderful opportunity to explore nature and learn a portion of Philadelphia’s rich history.

To learn more about Bartram’s Garden go to

Cobbs Creek Community MeetingUpcoming Events

Cobbs Creek Community Meeting

In the wake of recent burglaries throughout the Cobbs Creek Community, I will be hosting a community meeting on Thursday, October 11, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. It will be held in the auditorium at Anderson Elementary School.

Please join us at this meeting if you’ve been impacted by these burglaries, want to hear more from police about the situation, or would like to know what you can do to help ensure that we all can enjoy safer neighborhoods.

Expungement Clinic

Expungement Clinic My office will be hosting an Expungement Clinic at Myers Recreation Center on Wednesday, October, 17, 2018, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

I am proud to be joined by the Defender Association of Philadelphia, Community Legal Services, and the Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs in providing this valuable service to Philadelphia residents. We all deserve a second chance and these clinics provide valuable resources to those who may not be aware that previous mistakes can be removed from their record.

Please feel free to contact my office to learn more.

Healthy Awareness

Healthy Awareness season continues in the 8th Senatorial District. Free workout classes are still available until the end of this month. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to have a little fun, connect with other residents, and improve your health this fall season!

Healthy Awareness Season - Download Flyer

Offices of State Senator Anthony H. Williams

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Cobbs Creek Community Meeting - Download Flyer Expungement Clinic  - Download Flyer