In Black Face or A Black Face, Mummers Should be Better

PHILADELPHIA, PA, January 3, 2019 – The mummer comic performance “Made in America” was racially offensive and a continuation of a dark and disgraceful aspect of mummer history.   Using a black man to depict Jay Z leading a white man on a leash depicting Mayor Kenney was as offensive as if the spoof had been done in black face.  In fact, on first glance many of the African Americans who called me with objections, thought exactly that….assuming the “Jay Z” performer was in black face. 

Senator Williams Applauds Signing of Clean Slate Legislation

Harrisburg, July 3, 2018 – Last week, Senator Anthony H. Williams (D-Philadelphia) joined Governor Tom Wolf, lawmakers, and advocates for the signing of House Bill 1419, also known as the Clean Slate bill. “There are too many people who have done their time and have...