There Oughta Be a Law!

“There Oughta Be a Law!” was a cartoon by Al Fagaly and Harry Shorten that was distributed by the McClure Newspaper Syndicate from 1946 until artist Fagaly’s death in 1963. It has also long been a popular catchphrase used to express frustration with the way things are.

With a tip of the hat to these cartoonists[1], I am pleased to provide an opportunity for my constituents (and other Pennsylvanians) to seek relief from their frustrations by entering my “There Oughta Be a Law!” competition. If you find yourself saying, “There oughta be a law!” you are invited to submit your idea for a new law by entering online or you may receive an application by calling or visiting any one of my offices.  You can also click here to download the application. Entries will be reviewed on an on-going basis and winners will be announced from time to time as ideas are selected to be introduced as proposed new law.

Contest winners will also join me for a visit to the State Capitol and may be asked to testify on behalf of their bill at a formal senate hearing.

[1] Thanks also to California State Senator Joe Simitian, whose staff was kind enough to share the details of his successful “There Ought to Be a Law” program.

And the Winner is…


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Radio Smart Talk for Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No, it’s not a TV show but it is a contest.  Democratic State Senator Anthony Williams of Philadelphia is running a contest through his website.  The object is for regular, everyday Pennsylvanians to suggest their ideas for a law.  Sen. Williams has agreed to sponsor the winning legislation in the state senate.  In fact, the contest winner may get an opportunity to testify for their proposal in a senate hearing.  » Listen

Enter online by filling in the application form below:

If you find yourself saying, “There oughta be a law!” you are invited to submit your idea for a new law. Before year’s end, at least one winner will be selected and his or her idea will be introduced next spring as proposed new law.

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