Legislation Introduced

By following the links below, you may find bill information, including the text of bills and co-sponsorship memoranda.  First, you may want to learn How to Read a Bill.

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AVI Moratorium – Senate Bill 1210

Due to widely-reported variances and large increases in property tax assessments under Philadelphia’s Actual Value Initiative for 2018, this legislation would freeze rates at 2017 levels until the city’s government has an opportunity to audit and address those issues.


Protecting Domestic Workers from Workplace Abuse and Harassment – Senate Bill 1149

Includes non-family domestic workers in protections for employees against abuse and harassment. As a descendant of domestic workers, it is critical that the protections provided to employees be extended to all.


Probation Reform – Senate Bill 1067

Ends the cycle of probation to prison by focusing on rehabilitation rather than punitive measures for technical violations. Limits the conditions under which a person under supervision may be incarcerated for small, administrative (or technical) violations of probation, with proportional alternatives to jail instead. This bill also caps the amount of time a person may be sentenced to probation to three years for a misdemeanor and five years for a felony.


Candidate Tax Return Disclosure – Senate Bill 1020

Requires candidates running for state-level offices to file their last five years of federal tax returns with the Secretary of the Commonwealth in order to appear on the ballot, to provide voters with more comprehensive information regarding a candidate’s potential conflicts of interest.


Pay Equity – Senate Bill 578

Strengthens PA law to eliminate the gender wage gap by increasing the protection to employees who have filed a complaint against an employer and prohibiting retaliation against employees for discussing wages (“pay secrecy”).


Hit-and-Run Alert System (Jay Alerts) – Senate Bills 359 and 360

Named in memory of Jayanna Powell, an 8-year-old resident of West Philadelphia who was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver who fled and was later apprehended after the vehicle repair shop called police. This package of legislation would create a hit-and-run alert system similar to Amber alerts in order to quickly disseminate information and lead to arrest in deadly hit-and-run accidents. Additionally, the legislation requires vehicle repair shops to register with the Department of Transportation in order to receive direct notifications of vehicle descriptions in hit-and-run cases.


Financial Literacy Education in K-12 – Senate Bill 364

Requires school districts to adopt a PA Department of Education approved curriculum of age-appropriate lessons in financial literacy in grades K-12.


PA Equal Employment for All Act  – Senate Bill 362

The bill would prohibit the use of consumer credit reports for purposes of employment or for making an adverse employment decision, unless (1) the consumer applies for or holds employment requiring government security clearance, (2) the consumer applies for or holds employment with a state or local government agency requiring use of a consumer report, (3) the consumer applies for or holds a supervisory or professional position with a financial institution, or (4) it is otherwise required by law.


Merit Selection  – Senate Bill 361

To amend the state constitution and reform how state appellate court jurists are selected. Under the bill, judges serving on the Commonwealth, Superior and Supreme Courts would be appointed by the governor, who would select from a defined list of candidates generated by an independent, bipartisan commission. Each judge so selected would stand for a public retention vote on a separate ballot with no party designation at the end of his or her term.


Parent Accountability  – Senate Bill 48

To encourage parents to take an active, positive role in the lives and upbringing of their children and hold parents accountable for illegal acts of children if promoted by a parent’s action or neglect.


Philadelphia Shifting Ballots  – Senate Bill 47

Intended to eliminate the advantage now enjoyed by the candidate who draws the first ballot position, this would amend the provisions of the PA Election Code that deal with the format of ballots, printing of ballots, and voting machines in a city of the first class so that candidates for elected office are listed in a shifting alphabetical order whereby the person at the top of the list in first ward will be a the bottom of the list in the second ward and so on.


Child Support Payments  – Senate Bill 46

The winning entry in my 2011 There Oughta Be a Law! competition, this bill is intended to protect against false claims of non-payment on child support by allowing non-custodial parents the right to have their child support payments documented with the state.  In the past, this could happen only by order of the Domestic Relations Court at the request of the custodial parent.  Coincidentally, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently issued revised rules indicating its support for non-custodial parents who wish to initiate actions with the Domestic Relations Office.  This would allow that payments made by non-custodial parents would all be accounted for.  This is consistent with the spirit of the Court’s new rules.


Veteran’s Homeownership Assistance Act  – Senate Bill 45

An Act establishing the Veterans’ Homeownership Assistance Program; and providing for financial assistance to a veteran or veteran’s spouse to purchase a home.


Conversion Therapy Bill  – Senate Bill 44

The bill prohibits mental health professionals from engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with an individual under18 years of age.


Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral  – Senate Bill 43

To expand the Commonwealth’s property tax deferral program whereby indigent senior citizens can opt to defer their property taxes, with interest, until they pass away, sell their homes or otherwise dispose of them.


Registration of Firearms

Intended to make essential information available to law enforcement for purposes of tracing guns used in crime, as well as to reduce illegal firearms sales by creating owner accountability, this would require registration of all firearms in the Commonwealth.

Affirmative Consent (“Yes Means Yes”)

Requires colleges and universities to teach and apply the affirmative consent standard for sexual assault. Every student will learn that “Yes Means Yes,” because unfortunately teaching “No means No,” has not halted sexual assaults. 


Childhood Truancy Prevention

This bill is aimed at combating truancy among elementary and middle school students in Commonwealth public schools through family-focused remedial anti-truancy programs.