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Dr. Lucille W. Ijoy

Dr. Lucille W. IjoyDr. Lucille W. Ijoy is a native Philadelphian who has been an instructor and consultant on all educational levels. She holds three degrees in education: B.S. from St. Joseph’s University and M. Ed and Ed.D. from Temple University. She is a Certified Family and Marriage Therapist, a Certified Mediator and a radio personality associate on WURD Radio in Philadelphia. She is the Founder of the Motivation Institute of Philadelphia, (MIOP) and the author of several books: Cultural Diversity in the Work Force: A Two-Day Training Plan; Creative Discipline: Skills for Calm, Confident, Peaceful, Wholesome Parenting; Family Therapy Moments With Ijoy; President Obama, You’ve Done a Real Good Job. Thank you very much (CD) Among her latest productions are: Ages 70-82 A Bunch of Living for Women to Do: Wise Wild Wonderful Women; 30 Minutes Toward Tranquility: A Healing Time With Ijoy: A Time To Listen; Sane-Sanity: Healthy Strategies for Regular People With Everyday “Stuff”; Sing-Along With Ijoy: Spiritual, Hymns, Traditional African-American Songs; WiseWildWonderfulWomen Know: Kicking-it-out and Slowing–It-Down (CD, Cassette, Booklet available).

Dr. Ijoy was the first Chief-of-Staff for Philadelphia City Council and the Executive Director for the Mayor’s Commission on Literacy. She is a trainer and an individual and family-relationship specialist, having facilitated workshops and retreats for a wide range of intergenerational audiences in the public and private sectors: businesses, juvenile justice agencies, health organizations, federal installations, religious establishments, parenting groups, schools, universities and substance abuse programs. She has been a keynote speaker and seminar presenter, nationally and internationally. Ijoy is a member the Delaware Valley Association of Black Psychologists. She is a graduate and member of The Family Institute of Philadelphia, PA.

Her motto for families is: Let your Children Fly. For everyone, she says: Live Your Mission with Passion and Compassion.

Grandparents Stress Rap

by Lucille W. Ijoy, Ed.D.


Stress is a mess
You know that Stress is a Mess.
Soffletiwes when raising grandchildren,
Stress is a Mess.

  1. You’re a Grandparent.
    I bet you know it.
    Have your grandchildren,
    With you to show it….Chorus:
  2. They live at your house
    You’re a ‘parent’ again.
    They may go home,
    But, you don’t know when….Chorus:
  3. You may get tired,
    But you love each one.
    You struggle as a Grandparent
    And that’s no fun….Chorus:

Now, what‘cha gonna do about Grandparent Stress?
What‘cha gonna do about Grandparent Stress?

Try walking out the stress. .talking out the stress.
Learn to avoid some things that never change.
Ask at the schools; See what they can arrange.
Avoid alcohol, drugs and self—medication.
Get rest, sleep and relaxation.
Have fun. .relax. .have fun. .relax. –
Work on one thing at the time,
Look to the future not behind.
Help your grandchildren, encourage them, too.
Remember, NO YELLING, What good does it do?

Deep breathe. Grandma. Deep Breathe, Grandpa.
There’s not much left to say, except you really have to pray.

Stress is a Mess.
You know that Stress is a Mess.
Sometimes when raising grandchildren,
Stress is a Mess.

copyright, 1998, Lucille W. Ijoy