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Senator Anthony H. WilliamsGood morning! Welcome to my new edition of Straight From The 8th!

April was warmer and our work in Harrisburg was hotter thanks to a lot of action on key stories and efforts. From the next step in expungement for people dogged by old minor criminal charges to closure, finally, on the budget – much was accomplished.

I am proud to share the good news of Darby Township, Delaware County, Police Chief Regina Price; to tell you about our increasingly popular town hall meetings; and to alert you to a handful of solid business opportunities in this e-newsletter.

This week, Pennsylvania celebrates Small Business Week (May 1-7). Join me in recognizing entrepreneurs and small businesses in the 8th and all around the commonwealth.

Thank you for your interest, involvement, readership and support as we continue to make life better for residents of Southeast Pennsylvania.



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Welcome Darby Police Chief Regina Price!

I work for equality every day, so I was very happy a few weeks ago when Regina Price made history by becoming the first black woman police chief in Delaware County.

As I said following Chief Price’s swearing in April 13, this is an achievement that is resonating across America.

Because of the selection of this human being, there are no ceilings for any American, any more.

Congratulations, Chief Price. Delaware County, the Delaware Valley, and all of Pennsylvania are better because you are in charge now.

Budget Update

capitolRepublicans pushed through their 2015-2016 budget and the required fiscal code – all without the governor’s approval. Both pieces of legislation became law after the governor allowed his 10-day window for action to close.

While this budget does provide the schools with the short-term money needed, it still does not resolve our long-term education funding issues.

Pennsylvania still must close a growing structural deficit that some predict will exceed $2 billion. Taxpayers will also end up paying more for the commonwealth’s borrowing as the big credit rating agencies have downgraded the state’s credit worthiness.

We must do better in for the 2016-’17 budget, which will soon be debated by budget negotiators. I am hopeful good sense will prevail this time and we will do right by you, our school students, and our friends and family who live in the shadows of life.

Clean Slate Bill Introduced

We’ve been working to help people with minor criminal records expunge their history for a few years, and now we are pushing legislation in Harrisburg to make it possible for people with minor offenses to have those charges closed to public perusal.

Gov Wolf  Remarks
Watch Remarks

The so-called “Clean Slate” legislation is a bipartisan effort!

I am proud to be a part of this effort and was proud to stand last month with fellow lawmakers to state our case.

Great applause for my friend, Rep. Jordan Harris, who is sponsoring the Clean Slate bill with Rep. Sheryl Delozier.

Floor Remarks

Tele-Town Hall

We held a unique town hall meeting in April in collaboration with Captain Wimberly of the 18th police department. The distinctive quality of that gathering? We married the traditional face-to-face get together with online technology.

This is the result. Stay tuned for our next telephone townhall in June!

FYI ...
Mother’s Day Purses

This is a great idea, and need to share it in the hope you participate:

Please fill a gently used or new purse with items that would be appreciated by young women in a local shelter for MOTHER’S DAY!!!

Fill purses with the following type of items:

  • Tooth brush & tooth paste
  • Deodorant
  • Shavers and Shaving Cream
  • Sunblock & Lip balm
  • Body Wash  
  • Wash cloth/towels
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Make Up
  • Nail Polish
  • Lip Gloss
  • Hair Brush
  • Soap           
  • Nail File/Clipper
  • Cotton Balls
  • Compact Mirror
  • Chap Stick


Purses will be collected from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Thursday, May 5, at Myers Recreation Center, 58th & Kingsessing Ave.
For more info: Call Marsha at 215-729-2389 or Dr. Cassandra at 215-727-7796

Biz Opp for Certified Companies

The City of Philadelphia is looking for certified minority-, women- disadvantaged business enterprise-owned companies to establish accounts on eContractPhilly for contracting opportunities.

Click on the above link and, once registered, select “eNotification” by checking the “Notify me of new contract opportunities by email” box at the bottom of the page. With  eNotification, companies will receive daily e-mails announcing new procurement opportunities.

If you have questions, contact the city’s Deputy Director of Finance T. David Williams at 215-686-3499 or email

Good luck!

Philly International Airport Biz Opp

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to operate your business in one of the country’s busiest airports, plan to visit Philadelphia International Airport this Thursday, May 5, for its leasing outreach forum “for local, national and global brands.”

People buy food and last-minute merchandise as they wait for their flight. See what this opportunity could mean for your business and what it takes to get prime real estate at PHL.

To attend the forum, register online. For more information, call 215-937-1200, email


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Welcome Darby Police Chief Regina Price!