Budget Update 2015-16

On December 29, 2015, Governor Tom Wolf line-item vetoed parts of House Bill 1460, the Republican budget which not only failed to adequately fund basic education and restore human services, but was $510.693 million out of balance.

In order to balance the 2015-16 budget and to encourage continued conversations to implement the agreed-to budget framework which would provide over $400 million in new education funding, Governor Wolf issued the following line-item vetoes:

  • Approving only six months of the inadequate Basic Education Funding ($2.533 billion, vice the $5.895 billion contained in the “framework” budget)
  • Removal of all of the Governor’s legislative priorities, including elimination and reduction of several Department of Agriculture and Department of Health appropriations aimed at research, services and prevention programs
  • No funding for state-related institutions of higher education
  • Partial year funding for State Correctional Institutions and Medical Assistance Programs
  • Reducing appropriations to the General Assembly

A full list of the Governor’s line-item vetoes is available here.